Meet Wise Mushroom

Wise Mushroom
Note the very strange mushroom-like hairstyle

The most important thing to know about me is that I am not particularly wise, nor am I in fact a mushroom as I have carefully stated on my home page.

What I am doing is clearly a work in progress and it involves a lot of ongoing research. So far I’ve read around 50 of 100 purchased books on psychology and personal development in addition to thinking deeply about these issues for many years and writing over 100,000 words of relevant notes.

Doing this well involves a lot of work and so it would be great if I could secure some Patreon supporters to make my continuing research feasible. Please do consider donating $1 per month if you can afford it.

I really cannot do this without your help and I am hoping that a dollar a month is not that much to ask for. A good way to think of it is like buying me a few drinks for all my hard work, though in reality the money goes towards my basic costs and survival.

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How it all began

It’s fair to say that I’ve been on a journey to hell and back. This is a photo of me taken just a few years ago:

I wasn’t quite myself and if I’m honest it even had some effect on my physical appearance. But look at me now!

Still not 100% but doing so much better than before!

I’m clearly no guru, let alone an expert on psychology. Rather, I originally decided to write about these issues because I really sucked at life and wanted to figure out what I could do about that.

It’s fair to say that politics wasn’t my strong point. In fact, if I were in a generous mood I might describe my social skills as “appalling”.

A mix of unrealistic expectations, bad luck, anxiety about dealing with other people and my own lack of diplomacy all combined to give quite a few people the impression that I might be one of the devil’s closer relatives.

So how did I get into so much trouble with these humans? Surely, as a plausible candidate for membership of their species, I could have figured out some way to get along?

For months and months, I searched the unfathomable depths of my wicked soul trying to find an answer to that question. And then one day it hit me like a thunderbolt from heaven! All of sudden the real problem became clear.

I’m a moron.

It was that simple. All I had to do was learn how to develop the emotional and social intelligence to deal with people and their strange ways. And so it was that I took up the idea of researching psychology and embarked upon an incredible, rewarding journey of horrifying self-discovery.

And I’ve definitely made progress. I’ve gone from being “absolutely terrible” to “not particularly special” and I consider that to be an enormous achievement. At this point, I am certain that I will reach mediocrity before long.

Even my social skills have significantly improved and could now accurately be described as merely “questionable” rather than “hopeless beyond all human comprehension”.

So if you’re looking for the world champion of personal development you’ve come to wrong place. Mediocrity is the next level I’m aiming for. If I took part in a “mediocrity competition” right now I’d probably come about half-way in the rankings.

It may seem odd but it can be strangely useful to learn from a hypocrite who still gets it wrong sometimes. And that’s why I am quietly confident that I’m not wasting your time here.

One thing I’ve definitely learnt is that life gets easier when you’re willing to do things the right way, when you’re willing to enrol in the School of Cool.

I’ve written a series of long, tedious articles that I believe will lead you to that place.

We all have gaps in our emotional education: 95% of what I write will be painfully obvious to a toddler. But when you learn to “see the obvious” more often and more clearly then you’re closer to the goal.

So get ready for a painstaking journey through your lovely brain.